Cleaning of a wood stove chimney pipe

Everyone loves to sit by the fire in winters. However, you also have to maintain it. Its cleaning and maintenance on a regular basis will not only help it to function longer but also saves a great amount of money. If your stove it dirty, it will make your room messy whereas if you clean it off and on it will work more effectively. With the help of chimney sweep Seattle, you can earn the opportunity to get your chimney cleaning whenever you want.

Equipment needed:

To clean a wood stove chimney pipe, you need a mechanical stovepipe cleaning kit and the proper way to use it.


Face shield and dust mask



Drop cloth to protect floor


Ash shovels

Fireplace ash vacuums

How to clean:

  • First of all, you need to know the dimensions of your chimney pipe that are attached to the top of the wood stove extending to the base of your ceiling connecting it to the chimney. You can also get this information from the leaflet you had gotten when you got it fixed in your house. This will be helpful for Chimney sweep Seattle service provider as well if you are hiring well.
  • Next, you have to disconnect the pipe from its connecting point with the help of a flashlight. Don’t forget to wear your dust mask and gloves while starting it.
  • The next step is cleaning. Place a bag or bucket at the corner off so that the ash may not fall on the ground and easy to be disposed of. With the help of the brush present in the cleaning kit, rub the sides of the pipe in a vigorous manner to remove the grime in the pipe. Repeat it again and again until the inside of the pipe is clean.
  • Followed by cleaning, you have to replace the pipe and place it back to its place and reconnect it by using a screwdriver.

This should be done off and on weekly or thrice in a month. You should also request the fire department to come and inspect your chimney and fireplace to prevent and mishap and ensure its safety.

The parts you need to clean include the exterior with the help of paste and towel. The interior of the chimney pipe can be cleaned with metal scoops. Flue needs to be cleaned with the help of chimney brush. The glass door, when turns black, needs to be cleaned.

There are many Chimney sweep Seattle and masonry repair service available in Seattle. They can also provide a thorough chimney repair and inspection as well upon your call if you are a resident of Seattle. They will not only inspect your fireplace but will also get it fixed at a reasonable cost. You can also search for the best chimney sweep Seattle and hire them for several chimney services.

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