Masonry Chimney

When you are planning to build a house you have to consider a fireplace or chimney for your home. Especially in the season when a fireplace is essential, the importance of chimney is understood. It helps to make your indoor environment free of gases and makes the environment comfortable and cosy for the residents. It reduces the risk of hazards and wastage of energy. Talking beside the home, chimneys are integral for factories industries where they function to remove the harmful, poisonous gases from the inside of the factory. To get it inspected and clean, you can contact chimney sweep Seattle.

Masonry chimneys:

It is usually referred as a typical type of chimney. It is one of the most commonly used and built chimneys in houses that does not only work well but is also economical.  It is made up of bricks and concrete blocks or mortar or stone.  Stones are also used in its construction. It goes back in time but still is a popular type of chimney.

Just like all the other things, masonry chimneys have their advantages and disadvantages.

The looks:

The overall look of the masonry fireplace and the chimney is much better than any other kind of chimney. When it is compared with prefabricated chimney, it has an attractive design.

The wood fire:

Although gas fire is considered to be less complicated as you don’t have to get to go and buy wood. But still the warmth you get by the wood fire is much better than the gas fire. It has specific aroma f burning wood and has a peculiar aroma that has its attraction.

The durability:

It is a universal fact that masonry chimneys are durable and work for a lifetime. If you have built these once, you don’t have to be worried as it is going to last for life requiring little maintenance.

The heat efficiency:


Besides all the advantage it has, one of the biggest disadvantages of the masonry fireplace and the chimney is the space it requires for its building. If you have a small house, it might be difficult to get it adjusted as it is going to consume a lot of space.

The maintenance:

This is counted as another disadvantage of a masonry chimney. The more it is used, the more deposition takes place in the flue and thus leading to more trouble of getting it cleaned. You have to get it inspected by chimney sweep Seattle. Also, you can buy your chimney cleaning kit and get it cleaned by yourself. Chimney sweep Seattle can also provide the services of cleaning the chimney flue whenever you want them to.

The fire hazard:

Being an exit to the fireplace gases, masonry chimney is bound to have deposits in it. The creosote deposits are on the verge to get burnt hence can build up the fire in the chimney. So having a masonry chimney can be a potential hazard that can produce harmful gases in your home.

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